London’s taxi cabs are notoriously expensive, so this week we invited Minicabster to introduce both their services and some cool spots to visit in the capital… you might need a cabbie to find some of them!

The city of London has a history more fascinating than most – and it’s a city which is all about reinventing itself. In its 2,000 year history, it’s been burnt down numerous times, bombed beyond recognition in two world wars – and it always rises from the ashes to become more exciting, more vibrant and more dynamic than ever before.

London’s long and illustrious history means that there’s a secret around every corner. At Minicabster, we’re all about urban exploration, and there’s no better place to do it than this grand old capital. Check out our top secret spots in London that you’ve probably never heard of.

The Seven Noses of Soho

A nose of protest (photo credit Widipedia).

Where else but London would you find seven mysterious noses sticking out of random brick walls? These mysterious snouts don’t actually go back that far in London’s long history – they were created in 1997 – but that’s long enough for a number of myths to spring up around the bizarre beaks. Some people say that the nose inside Admiralty Arch was put there as a joke at Napoleon’s expense, while others believe that you’ll come into everlasting wealth if you manage to find all seven. They were actually put there by Rick Buckley as a protest against the increase in CCTV cameras around London.

The UK’s Smallest Police Station

One man station (photo credit Wikimedia.
One man station (photo credit Wikimedia).

On the theme of surveillance, London is also home to the UK’s smallest police station. Built in one of the corners of Trafalgar Square, this odd little box, which resembles a phone box, was originally built in the 1920s so that police offers could keep an eye on demonstrators and protestors without putting themselves at risk – almost like an old-fashioned CCTV camera! There are also rumours that the lamp on the top came from Nelson’s ship, the HMS Victory – which would be a nice touch, considering it stands just metres away from Nelson’s Column.

Purl, Marylebone

If you’ve always dreamed of heading to a secret bar where you need a password to get past the front door, you’re in luck. Purl in Marylebone is a multi-sensory experience like no other, and you need to utter the immortal phrase, ‘hair of the dog’, in order to be let past the security at the door. Enjoy bespoke cocktails and delicious food, complemented perfectly by aromas, fogs, tailor-made serviceware and a dash of liquid nitrogen every now and then. But shh – it’s our little secret!

The Hidden Space Invaders

Can you find the hidden Space Invaders dotted around London? These tiled images are tucked away in secret spots all over the city – and while there’s no legend which says you’ll be rich if you find them all, you can still spend an enjoyable afternoon tracking them all down. Originally installed by French artists Invader, these unusual murals also pop up in Hong Kong and Paris – and rumour has it, there are new waves added in London every few years. Can you find them all?

London’s alien invasion (photo credit Cristiano Betta).

So there you have it – Minicabster’s top secret spots in this majestic old city. If you’re an urban explorer looking for a way to travel affordably and conveniently, download the app today, and remember – Minicabster takes care of the journey, so you can enjoy the destination.

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