With 27 million passengers set to enjoy a cruise in 2018, we invite a travel industry specialist to share some advice on making the most of your holiday on the ocean waves.

Around the world more and more holiday-makers are discovering the joy of cruising, especially Europeans. In 2016, the number of people traveling from UK ports alone increased by 12%. Cruise companies are responding by launching dozens of new ships to cater for demand. Several have been launched this year, and nine more will start carrying passengers, in 2019.

It is especially refreshing to see cruise companies catering more to people with special interests. They are taking their ships to new destinations and providing innovative facilities for people to enjoy while they are onboard.


Researching specialist cruises

If one of these cruises takes your fancy, it makes sense to check out existing feedback, online. Many of the big travel review websites cover special interest cruises as well as the more traditional ones. However, you can often find additional feedback on places like forums. For example, if you book a cruise that takes you to the best scuba diving ports you can often find out more on diving forums.

On some review sites, it is possible to ask questions. This is an especially good way to garner extra information, so you can be sure the cruise offers you the experience you are seeking.

Be prepared

If you are planning to take part in special activities and excursions you need to be sure that you are properly prepared. Often, the cruise company will provide you with equipment, at least for the excursions and activities that they organize. It is always wise to check exactly what is included in the price. If you need something special, for example, a pair of flippers for size 17 feet make sure they are available. The last thing you need is to have to buy a pair from a dive shop to be able to take part in the activities you have booked.

Read and follow the cruise company’s advice

Take the time to read the advice that your cruise company gives about the type of clothing you will need. This is particularly important if you are traveling to somewhere that is very hot, cold, wet or windy. The last thing you need is to end up getting sick because you have got too hot or cold.

Extra items you may need for special interest cruises

Speaking of getting sick, for this type of trip it is important to be prepared to deal with minor ailments. In more extreme conditions, you are more likely to get insect bites, stomach bugs and the like. So, make sure you have what you need to protect yourself from these issues and deal with them if you should be affected by them.

Traveling further afield gives you the chance to enjoy more unusual experiences. It is worth making sure that you can capture all of those special moments. Make sure that your camera and phone are up to the job and that you can keep them all properly charged and protected. This article tells you what tech items to pack and how to make sure it is all ready to use when you need it.

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