During the winter months boarders can enjoy surprisingly good surfing conditions in Ibiza, with just a bit of luck. We invite Vehicle-rent.com to run down the best places to surf – and park – on the White Isle.

Ibiza, one of the most popular islands in the Spanish Baleric islands, is world known as a first class party destination in summertime, but in the off-season months Ibiza and the surrounding islands offer a satisfying surfing experience for those whose idea of a party is catching and riding the perfect wave.

If you are traveling to Ibiza for surfing, your best choice on arrival to the island is to opt for a car rental. Ibiza offers several interesting surfing destinations on different parts of the island, so hiring a car gives you the freedom to find the one that you will enjoy most as well as change locations if the waves aren’t to your liking. Even though Ibiza is a relatively small island, we recommend car hire. Ibiza airport is the usual destination where most visitors rent their vehicles. If you book in advance (at least 8 weeks), you won’t have a problem getting the exact car you want (to fit your surfboard) for a good price. Check here for the best car hire deal and simple booking. Renting a car will also give you the chance to see all of the most popular destinations, along with the hidden gems that Ibiza has to offer.


Top surfing destinations in Ibiza

Even though Ibiza isn’t known as the ultimate surfing destination, there are several beaches where you can enjoy good waves in the off-season, when there are fewer tourists and the winds are favorable.

1. Cala Aigua Blanca

Cala Aigua Blanca in the North-East of Ibiza is considered to be the best surfing spot in Ibiza when the swell direction is North. On the best day (in winter time) waves can reach up to 8 feet. Parking in the off season should not be a problem, either along the steep road leading down to the beach or at the top. However in summer this is quite a popular beach with the locals.

2. Cala Nova

Cala Nova is also located on the North-East of the island and is considered to be one of the more consistent surfing spots on Ibiza, with better quality waves in autumn or spring. The best waves reach up to 6 feet in height in colder months. You can park on the southern end where a small car park is located, or park along the road side.

3. Cala Llenya

Cala Llenya is located north of Cala Nova beach and can also offer good quality waves, similar to Cala Nova.

4. Can Pujol

Can Pujol is a more secluded beach on the South-Western side of the island with good waves when there are northerly swells. Waves reach up to 6 feet. Parking is not a problem, since the beach is rarely very full.

5. Playa Jondal

Playa Jondal is a long beach located on the far South of the island with average waves up to 6 feet after southern winds. It offers easy access and easy parking.

Where to park your rental car in Ibiza?

Outside of the city center, there are many free car parks and in the off season you can park your hired vehicle very close to the beaches. However in summertime it can be difficult to find a parking spot near the more popular beaches.


In the Old Town, there are large paid public car parks, which are usually more expensive, especially in the summer months, as well as curb side parking (look for the blue lines on the road, marking a pay park area). You cannot park where the curb is marked yellow. If there are no markings on the ground and no signs that forbid stopping and parking, you can park for free.

There are also a few free car-parks on the outskirts of the Old Town from where you can take a shuttle to town.

Ibiza may be known as one of Europe’s leading party destinations, but for those who enjoy a more outdoor and active lifestyle, the island of Ibiza is a great surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing destination.

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