There are few places that offer a more refined lifestyle than Italy, with its amazing wines, fashionable hang outs and world famous sports cars. Italian blogger Italo Rizzo shares his top five luxury activites in the boot-shaped country…

Upscale travellers know that Italy is a country where their dreams come true: in recent years luxury relais, historical dwellingss and boutique hotels have all increased in numbers to fulfill the demands of foreign guests (coming especially from Russia, Saudi Arabia, India and China).

The following itinerary includes five things to do in Italy if you’re looking for exclusive activities, something you won’t forget at the end of the holiday. The recommended activities are offered by different hotels throughout the country; in fact Italy discloses its jewels only to the most curious travellers.

Drive a Ferrari in Milan

Living the dream with a cross country Ferrari drive. Photo by Four Seasons Magazine.

One of the most popular Italian brands in the world is Ferrari, so why don’t book a Ferrari driving tour from Milan, the world fashion capital, to Maranello, the homeland of the ultimate Italian sports car?

The Four Seasons Hotel reserves this experience to their own guests: you’ll start the driving tour just outside the hotel, and then you’ll enjoy a two-and-a-half-hour charged-up race across highways and countryside, arriving at Maranello manufacturing plant. The tour will continue at the factory (a very exclusive experience, because only Ferrari owners have this privilege), then at the Ferrari museum, and will end at Ristorante Montana in Fiorano, where you’re likely to run into famous race car drivers, past or present… perhaps even Formula 1 star, Fernando Alonso.

Driving a cherry-red Ferrari is an unmissable chance for those who like thrills and exhilarating trips.

Take a picture of Florence as an artist

Pretty as a picture. Photo credit Wikipedia Commons.

The world of photography is very attractive to many travellers, and some tourists want to learn how to take pictures as a professional photographer and begin to use camera not only for selfies but to express something personal. Florence is one of the best places to join a digital photography course: the city is full of masterpieces and amazing landscapes. The Be-One boutique hotel allows you to discover the secrets of this art with Luca Bracali, a famous photographer who will help you to learn techniques and tricks of the trade. After the course you’ll be able to realize a professional reportage.

In Florence there is Alinari Foundation, the renowned Historical Archive Photo of the brothers Alinari with more than 4,000,000 photos stored. Join a guided tour to admire pictures of the last 150 years and find inspiration from the most talented Italian photographers.

Taste Chianti in an historical wine cellar

Chianti… goes particularly well with liver and fava beans. Photo by Moretti Spa.

Tuscany is a must for wine lovers and many foreigners fall in love with Chianti region – sometimes referred to ironically as Chiantishire, a nickname given by upscale British travellers who usually spend here their holidays. I suggest planning an enogastronomical tour in Chianti to appreciate the best local products following the tips of experts sommelier and winemakers. They will explain how to recognize a DOCG wine and buy the most renowned Tuscan wines.

To find an accommodation near to an historical wine cellar, visit Relais Toscana, a collection of resort, historical dwellings and castle located in this charming region.

Bosco della Spina, for example, is a country resort in province of Siena that organizes wine tours to local wineries, advance booking is recommended to be sure to join a visit during your stay.

Fishing tourism in Portofino

Get your rod and tackle out. Photo by Portofino Coast.

Portofino is a destination loved by VIPs, but I suggest to go there not only for the Ligurian Riviera, but to live a travel experience from a different perspective. Discovering the jewels of Portofino Marine Reserve on board a fishing vessel is an original tour, because you’ll meet real fishermen, discover the traditional ways of fishing and at the same time explore this enchanting coast. Thanks to Portofino Coast Individual Tours, you can take the chance to swim in otherwise inaccessible places, eat fresh fish and get relax surrounded by the unpolluted sea and the clear sky of this slice of Heaven.

Play golf in Sardinia

Perfect to a tee! Photo by Golf Hotel Is Arenas.

Beginners and skilled golf players will like to play golf in a venue enclosed by a natural reserve: this is the pride of Golf Hotel Is Arenas in Sardinia. The island is the appropriate destination for demanding travellers, due to its natural treasures and the top class accommodations overlooking the sea. Is Arenas offers tailor-made golf lessons in many languages, a driving range with 540 covered bays, an 18-hole course and dedicated clinics to improve your golf skills. The resort is the most suitable choice for those who wish to match sporting activities with wellness facilities.

Exploring the high-living side of Italy is easier if you check Italy Luxury Guide blog, updated with the latest events, original itineraries, and cutting-edge services all devoted to exigent customers.

Now you can plan your customised route following tips by travel bloggers – people who know what you are looking for – a satisfying way to organize a vacation and avoid disappointments.

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