Almost every traveller is familiar with the sights of Great Britain, as even those folk who have yet to visit these fair isles have no doubt seen Big Ben towering over the Thames, or Stone Henge rising from the mist, or Stirling Castle perched on top of its volcanic seat, in magazines, books, TV and films. But what about the sounds of Great Britain?

In Visit Britain’s latest innovative campaign, they have launched this £2.5 million film campaign focused on key markets in USA, Brazil, China, India, Gulf states and throughout Europe, featuring an offbeat orchestra of quintessentially British sounds to aliven the tourist to enjoy the realm with all their senses: the pouring of a cup of tea, the rhymthmic chug of a vintage steam engine, the cheers of the Wimbledon crowd, the delicious crack of a pompadom, the blast of fireworks in the night sky… all set to the soundtrack of Feel The Love, by top British band, Rudimental. The result is a fantatic aural celebration of traditional and contemporary Britain.

Do check out the video above, and be inspired to visit!

For more info on the campaign you can check out Visit Britain’s official press release for the video, or head to their home page for that and much more info on travelling to the British Isles.

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