Indonesia’s number one travel agent, Traveloka, introduces the bustling city of Surabaya, including two unique sights in the metropolis and a great place to stay when in town.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with the capital of East Jawa, Surabaya is in fact Indonesia’s second biggest city with three million inhabitants (the largest is Jakata with 10 million). Whilst it largely known to be an industrial city, for those who plan to visit, either as a tourist or to see relatives, there are a number of worthwhile tourist attractions, as well as great shopping opportunities. At Traveloka we know the city well, so we’d like to recommend one or two of the most interesting places to visit as well as a reputable hotel to stay in.

The House of Sampoerna

Does the name of this museum in Surabaya ring a bell for you? The House of Sampoerna used to be an orphanage established by the Dutch, before it was bought by the founder of Sampoerna Liem Seeng Tee. They manufactured cigarettes there and now at the House of Sampoerna the Dji Sam Soe continues its cigarette production. In this museum, you will see everything related to cigarettes including the old cigarette equipment, a tobacco oven, the old-fashioned production, the Marching Band which belonged to Sampoerna etc. Anyone would be very interested in the displays as there is surprising history behind cigarettes although this attraction seems to appeal to men most of all, so if you have a boyfriend or husband it is a great idea to take them there.


Taman Bungkul
Being on holiday doesn’t mean having to spend too much money, especially in Surabaya. Why? There is a tourist resort you will certainly love called Taman Bungkul (Bungkul Park). Spending your time in the park will relax your mind and recharge your battery. It sounds very simple and cheap, doesn’t it? Yes, it’s really true so you should try it. You can just walk around, sit down and enjoy the internet connection (wifi), or when you are hungry there are food stalls in the park. Grab some traditional East Javanese food there, eat your lunch and have a chit chat in the lovely park. What else can you do there? How about riding a carriage pulled by a horse? Yes, it will be a fantastic experience for everybody.It’s worth experiencing and capturing.

Recommended Hotel
Sahid Hotel Surabaya is highly recommended and has been very well-known in the city for a long time. Being an elegant hotel, having comfortable spacious bedrooms and a free internet connection, this hotel will help you enjoy a magical stay. In addition, you can find a luxurious restaurant with a friendly atmosphere. For your information, a shopping mall called Delta Plaza is within your reach so it will be easy to do your shopping near the hotel.


Which Travel Agency Can Suit Your Needs?
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Feature photo by Ikhlasul Amal.

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