Everyone loves a vacation, but did you ever stop to think that they might be as necessary as they are enjoyable? We invite the hotel booking platform Travel Ticker to share the health benefits of some time off…

There’s no question that vacations are fun – you have the time to do whatever you feel like, to travel wherever your budget allows and to enjoy a great time with your loved ones, all without thinking about your job. However, believe it or not, but holidays can actually affect your health too. Not convinced? Then keep reading to discover five reasons why  vacations are important for your overall well being. After reading this article, you will definitely want to start booking your plane tickets, searching the Internet for hotel deals, and dreaming about the perfect way to recharge your batteries.

Holidays decrease stress

This is pretty easy to grasp – if you always feel stressed out because of work and your daily routine, a short getaway from everything will naturally help reduce those issues. In fact, recent studies have shown, vacation days are often the best medicine to deal with health problems, psychological problems and other modern day issues to do with well-being that many people have. Evenings after work and weekends don’t usually offer enough downtime to get rested and relax – so vacations can help here magically.


Personal relationships grow

One of the biggest impacts on your health is the relationships we have with our loved ones. Therefore, if you get away somewhere warm and sunny with your spouse or other half, you can improve your romantic relationship (or even save it!), and also improve your health – simply because the both of you are happier in your environment and able to find some time to alone away from routine distractions. The same goes for your relationships with your children as well. If you take them for an adventure abroad, you will make your bond with them stronger. And even if not every experience on vacation is perfect (setbacks and irritations can happen even on holiday), sharing those memories, including the funny or even bad moments, together will help you feel more close to your loved ones.

Increased mental health

Mental health is affected by the decision to take time off from work, or not. There are proven scientific facts showing that taking vacations regularly decreases your chances of depression and other related mental issues. Of course, that might be a result of few different factors, like receiving Vitamin D from the sun (instead of suffering dark and rainy days), or basic time off from stress and routine at home that can help put many of your troubles in perspective. Whatever the exact cause of the improved sense of well-being, the final message is the same – vacations are good for your mental health and let you see the world in a different light.


Vacations make you more productive

A bit time of somewhere far away from work and home can actually boost your productivity and creativity too. Traveling opens our horizons and allows us learn a lot of new skills, experience something we never did, and just enjoy our lives. That all directly influences our view of work and also let’s us come up with new, better ideas. When we don’t take vacations, we can feel ground down, bored or tired, and we just start to hate what we are doing. Avoid all by letting yourself get rested – after you will come back, and you’re likely to work twice as fast and efficiently.

Anticipation of time off makes us happier

And finally, even waiting to go abroad makes us feel more satisfied. Psychologists have long theorised about reward vs. punishment, wondering what motivates people and what doesn’t. Logically or not, in most cases, rewards work better as motivators. And what is the best motivation for workers? It is either money or vacations. A lot of people have noticed that just a few weeks before scheduled vacation days, people become more productive, happier and motivated, and that directly affects their work performance too. Your dream holiday become a reward for a job well-done, so you will not only enjoy your perfect time off but also might be rewarded with great results in the workplace too. In one way or another, vacations are perfect for your health (both physical and mental) and good for your career.

So don’t wait too long and take regular vacations to improve every aspect of your life simply and – most importantly – by enjoying yourself!

3 thoughts on “Why Holidays Are Good For Your Health

  1. I totally agree with what you said that travelling can give you a new perspective in life that can be healthy for your mental health. Ever since I graduated in college, I never had a major vacation. I just went up, did a couple of job interviews and eventually got hired. Since then, I’ve been working tirelessly so that I can have the ideal future that I want to have. Reading your article was very moving because it made me realize that I need a breather. I’ll definitely find a great vacation rental soon. Finally, I can relax and take a break from the busy life in the city.

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