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anna-spyszPolish-born, American-raised Anna Spysz moved to Krakow in 2006 to go to grad school and reacquaint herself with her Polish roots (viz. drink a lot of vodka). Since then she has kept herself busy first as a newspaper editor and occasional photographer, then as a tech journalist, freelance writer and startup co-founder.

She also happens to have literally written the book on being Polish – ok, half of it – in the form of The Essential Guide to Being Polish, published by Random House and available from Amazon and many other fine retailers.

Just to be sure she squeezes every ounce of creativity out of her ‘pixieish‘ body, Anna spends most of her scant spare time playing keyboard and guitar with various local musicians when not planning her next trip around the world.For more on Anna, check her blog and Flickr streams.

Anna’s Articles on Urban Travel Blog

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