Krystyna Dul & Keven Erickson – a team, in life and at work. Based in Luxembourg, they work worldwide. Their photography is a compilation of two different perspectives which harmonise well with each other. Both have experience in portrait, photo reportage and travel photography. Aside from their personal projects, they run a photography company called LaLa La Photo in Luxembourg, specialised in children’s photography ( To see Krystyna’s personal work, please visit To see Keven’s personal work, please visit:

Keven and Krystyna’s photos on Urban Travel Blog

Prague’s Christmas Market in Photos
Potraits at the Women’s Market in Sofia
Podgorze District in Photos
Krakow’s Tram in Photos
Luxembourg’s Fortress on the Bock
Krakow’s Market Square at Dawn
Backstage at the Chinese Opera in Thailand

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