Roasted meats, regional pastries and hot mulled wine. This is what Christmas is all about! Join Keven Erickson and Krystyna Dul at the markets of the Czech capital…

Prague is one of the most beautiful European capitals – and during the festive season it gains even more charm. We were very lucky to visit just before Christmas and be there for the 21st December 2012 – according to many believers the day the world would end. (Un)surprisingly the world didn’t end, at least not in Prague! We had both visited the Czech Capital many years ago and had very positive memories still in our minds. This time, the great impression of the stunning Karlův most (Charles Bridge), the charming narrow streets leading to secret little corners, the beautiful mosaic created by the city’s rooftops were all completed by the wonders we found at the Christmas market in Staré Město. The aroma of roasted ham, sausage and mulled wine was guiding us from stand to stand, and we also discovered the delicacy Trdelnik for the first time. It is a sweet pastry with vanilla, almonds and toffee rolled on a stick and roasted over coal. It tastes like heaven and warms up your cold hands at the same time.

An impressive sight is the huge Christmas tree which is beautifully decorated and just makes you wonder how they got it there without breaking the branches. Having visited a few Christmas markets in Europe, certainly the one in Prague stands out with its friendly atmosphere, surroundings, fantastic food and good music. Hopefully our photos below will help complete our story. A big thank you to Little Town Hotel where we stayed, which has a fantastic location, clean rooms and great staff.

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  1. I fell in love with Prague this summer and I want to go back to spend more time and be surrounded by the Christmasy atmosphere in December!


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