Last week Monika Chodakowska revealed the romantic side of the City of Light via her photos of Paris in autumn, but providing the ying to her yang this week is Pablo Bermejo. The Spanish photographer took his lens to Paris’ ‘vibrant’ Rue Saint-Denis, a street notorious for its association with sex shops and prostitution. Originally laid out in Roman times, the street’s less than salubrious character goes right back to the Middle Ages, an association that was cemented in the 1970s when prostitutes marched in unison down the avenue protesting for equal rights and legal protection – which they won. Much like Amsterdam’s red light district Rue Saint Denis has taken on an underbelly allure for tourists, and although some may not wish to take advantage of everything the street has to offer, everyone can enjoy the bustle, ethnic diversity and strange sights and characters on parade. Some of Pablo’s photos reflect the sadness of souls that trudge on at the bottom of society, some capture the suspicious look of their protagonists not expecting to be photographed, whilst others show human life happily at ease despite the humble surroundings. It’s all in a walk down sleazy street.


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