Whether you’re traveling to Amsterdam for the infamous party scene or to see the highbrow cultural side of the city, there’s plenty to do in the Dutch capital that will keep you entertained. We’ve got a a complete weekend guide to ensure you don’t miss a minute of the action in this happening city. If you’ve got a bit more time, explore the gritty yet vibrant NDSM Wharf for a truly local experience.

north amsterdam tips

North Amsterdam used to be the neglected child of the capital, but that has changed in recent years. Once a derelict, industrial area, it has been transformed into an edgy, vibrant neighbourhood. New restaurants with sun-catching terraces have opened up...


You don't need to take your clothes off to find out what really goes down in Amsterdam's infamous Red Light District. Duncan Rhodes gets all the juicy details on an insider tour run by former sex workers.


Kicking off our series of nightlife guides to the world’s best cities, UTB editor Duncan Rhodes puts his liver, and life, on the line during one blurry night in Amsterdam… As we walk through the cold and damp autumnal evening, flanked by low-rise terrace flats, the occasional pocket of noisy…


With its famed tolerance of soft drugs and prostitution, Amsterdam’s hedonistic aspects have often eclipsed its homely charms, cultural treasures and ‘normal’ nightlife. Richard Tulloch takes a look at the whole picture… Lose yourself in a canal maze. Window-shop where live merchandise is lit with red neon, or duck into…