Czech Republic


Prague’s Little Hanoi, known as Sapa, doesn't show up on those classic postcards adorned with gothic spires and majestic castles. There isn’t a skyline at all in Sapa. Behind a strip mall exterior is a market district built by the Czech Republic’s Vietnamese community...


Holešovice has been my home for the past two years. It’s gritty but not grotty; up-and-coming but not yet gentrified beyond all recognition. Traditionally, it’s a working class district: every day on my way to the tram stop I walk past a plaque commemorating where the Czech Communist Party elected Klement Gottwald their leader.


Thought Prague was the only city worth seeing in the Czech Republic? Stuart Wadsworth heads to the lively student town of Olomouc, in beer-loving Moravia, where brilliant Baroque architecture is blissfully unsullied by British stag parties. For many years now, Prague has completely dominated tourism in the Czech Republic, so…


Roasted meats, regional pastries and hot mulled wine. This is what Christmas is all about! Join Keven Erickson and Krystyna Dul at the markets of the Czech capital… Prague is one of the most beautiful European capitals – and during the festive season it gains even more charm. We were…


The birthplace of several world-famous beer brands, the Czech Republic, led by its capital, is also one of the best places for sampling home-made brews. Fiona Gaze hops onto a tour of the five best microbreweries in Prague.