A petite and pretty city that packs a surprisingly hefty cultural punch, Ljubljana is as rewarding as it is hard to pronounce. Local journalist John Bills sings the praises of this city on the river… Every now and then it is important to state the blindingly obvious lest it not…


After stand up paddling down the Ljubljanica and rocking out ’til dawn at the Metelkova autonomous alternative culture zone, the Editor highlights eight reasons why he can’t wait to get back to Slovenia… Summer luvin’… it happened so fast. It seems like only last week that I was sunning myself…


Ljubljana's Libraries Under The Treetops are, contrary to societal norms, spacious, green, airy, oxygen infused affairs of relaxed bookish camaraderie. These ad hoc athenaeums spring up every summer in the Slovenia capital in an ever increasing number of leafy locations...


What tastes of fire and cherry, is poured ready-mixed from a recycled plastic bottle and – according to Slovenian bar staff at least – is good for you? The answer is “Bear's Blood”, and you can buy it in Yalla Yalla bar in the autonomous social centre of Metelkova in Ljubljana.


I'm trying to gauge the width of the Ljubljanica river. I think it could be 20 to 25 metres across. Worryingly then, the five metre swimming badge I earned in primary school (still one of my proudest achievements) will not be enough to save me in the likely event that I take a plunge right in the middle of the waters.