We take a look at some of the most influential travel bloggers out there, either based in the United Kingdom, or with a mainly UK-based audience, including some of their vital statistics (see footnote) and how to contact them. If you need to reach the great British travelling public, these are the guys and gals you need…

Urban Travel Blog

top-uk-travel-bloggersLet’s start with what we know best: Urban Travel Blog is one of the largest independent UK travel sites in the blogosphere with over 40-50,000 visitors every month. Founded back in 2009, from its beginning it has taken its cue and high standards from printed media, employing award-winning journalists, bloggers and authors to get the inside scoop behind the city, and delivering fantastic results for tourists boards and DMOs in Bucharest, Budapest, Valencia, Ljubljana, Menorca and North Spain. With experienced contributors based in London and Brighton (as well as Barcelona, Krakow, New York, Athens and more), if you are looking for top quality and original stories about your destination (and/or suitable services and products), get in touch with us. Our highest readership demographic is the UK.

Theme(s): City Breaks, Festivals, Culture, Street Art, Nightlife
Visitor Numbers: 45,000+ per month
Website: www.urbantravelblog.com

Emily Luxton Travels

uk-based-travel-bloggerA rapidly rising star of the travel blogging world, Emily graduated in photography before turning her hand to becoming a professional blogger. Her mantra revolves around “deep travel”, which means connecting with locals to talk about culture, food, history and politics, preferring to stay longer in a location than play “tick box” tourism.

Theme(s): Adventure, Food, Luxury
Visitor Numbers: 15,000+ per month
Website: www.emilyluxton.co.uk

Savoir There

travel-influencers-ukLondon-based journalist Jaillan Yehia is the brains behind Savoir There, the stylish travel blog dedicated to sharing lesser known hotspots from around the world. A frequent traveller since a young age, Jaillan has exacting standards making her an authoritative voice on luxury travel, spa weekends and gourmet breaks. She is also the Travel Editor of East Kent Lifestyle Magazine and has her own column in the The Travel Trade Gazette.

Theme(s): Luxury, Style, Food, Spas
Visitor Numbers: Request media pack
Website: www.savoirthere.com

Mallory On Travel

best-bloggers-for-press-tripsA former Warrant Office in the Army Physical Training Corps, Iain Mallory is more than qualified to partake in adventurous travel such as kayaking, diving, skiing, mountaineering (he is a trained avalanche specialist) and his love of the outdoors also extends to animals and environmental issues. He has a passion for photography and shares his professional shots via Twitter and Instagram in particular, platforms where he enjoys an enormous following.

Theme(s): Outdoors, Adventure, Wildlife, Photography
Visitor Numbers: Request media pack
Website: www.malloryontravel.com

Beyond Blighty

travel-influencers-ukArianwen has over 10 years’ combined experience as a professional journalist and travel blogger. Her passion is to combine adventure activities with opportunities to explore the great outdoors. Some of her top experiences include caving, white water sledging and piloting a stunt plane. In early 2016, she became a qualified divemaster, and her writing regularly focuses on wildlife encounters both above and below the water. So far, Arianwen has travelled solo through over 30 countries on six continents. She’s been featured by Lonely Planet as a ’round the world expert’ and regularly works with brands and tourism boards to spread the message of responsible tourism.

Theme(s): Adventure, Scuba Diving, Wildlife, Responsible Tourism
Visitor Numbers: Request media pack
Website: www.beyondblighty.com

Luxury Columnist

luxury-travel-bloggers-britishLuxury Columnist features the coolest hidden gems and unique experiences worldwide. With over 100,000 social media followers, it is one of the UK’s top 3 luxury blogs as ranked by Vuelio and one of Qosy’s best luxury blogs. Suze has visited 42 countries so far, but everywhere is on her list!

Theme(s): Luxury, Style, Food
Visitor Numbers: Request media pack
Website: www.luxurycolumnist.com

The Travel Hack

british-travel-bloggersFocused on stylish adventure travel and affordable luxury, The Travel Hack is one of the UK’s most loved blogs, originally launched by Monica Stott but now featuring a team of savvy contributors based in different parts of Britain. With a strong following on every social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Monica and her team are some of the biggest influencers in the field.

Theme(s): Adventure, Luxury
Visitor Numbers: Request media pack
Website: www.thetravelhack.com


award-winning-uk-blogsGlobalhelpswap is an award winning travel blog that focuses on responsible, local and authentic travel. London-based Paul & Karen are on a mission to show the world that responsible travel can be easy, comfortable and very special. From swimming with whale sharks, to eating at a local’s house in Myanmar, they are constantly on the lookout for great stories to share about the magic of responsible travel.

Theme(s): Responsible Travel, Local Travel
Visitor Numbers: Request media pack
Website: www.globalhelpswap.com

This Battered Suitcase

most-influential-uk-travel-bloggersThis Battered Suitcase is not only about the where and the how of travel, it’s about the who and the why. Brenna writes long-form narratives about her nearly eleven years of solo travel, delving into what it means to be a traveller and how those experiences can change how we think about the world. Featured in Elle, The Guardian, The Evening Standard, Buzzfeed, and more, as well as winning awards for her writing, Brenna’s blog attracts mostly solo female travellers. She is London-based.

Theme(s): Adventure, Solo Travel
Visitor Numbers: Request media pack
Website: www.thisbatteredsuitcase.com

The Discoveries Of

Screenshot 2017-12-11 17.52.10Travel writer Julianna Barnaby writes The Discoveries Of – a compendium of travel, culture and adventure for people who love to explore. She draws on years of freelance travel writing experience for publications such as Rough Guides, SUITCASE and AA Travel Guides to showcase less-explored destinations and the unusual side of more familiar ones to her readership. Julianna writes for young professionals and career-breakers, focusing on affordable luxury and seeking out cool experiences from across the world.

Theme(s): Luxury, Adventure, Food, Culture
Visitor Numbers: Request media pack
Website: www.thediscoveriesof.com

The Travel Mob

bloggers-collective-ukOriginally founded by Urban Travel Blog, The Travel Mob are an umbrella collective of some of the most influential travel bloggers in the world, mostly based in the UK, but with contacts around Europe and North America as well. If you’re looking for a ready-made team to take part in press trips or to undertake content and social media campaigns for your brand or destination, get in contact – or check the website for examples of our work. We’ve worked with Visit Ljubljana, Valencia Tourism and the Spanish Tourist Board (in Menorca, Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias, Galicia and Murcia) typically reaching over a million people per campaign, and in doing so delivering between 100,000-250,000 USD of advertising value for a fraction of the cost.

Website: www.thetravelmob.com


Your amazing blog not here? Please drop me a line and share your monthly page views and percentage of UK readership with me and I will be very happy to consider for inclusion (you don’t need to have sensational figures, I will also consider quality of writing and photography, and I’m also interested in featuring any niche travel blogs).

NB. Visitor numbers = “sessions” as rendered by Google Analytics. All stats confirmed to be correct by Urban Travel Blog as of November 2016.