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Ania-baranekIt was a random decision that prompted Anna to learn Spanish at school 8 years ago. Soon the language of Cervantes became a hobby, a passion, an inspiration, and an alternative way to make a living. After spending one year studying in Valencia, she immersed herself into the Spanish culture so much that finally it turned into a whole lifestyle, which she continues to cultivate in Kraków, Poland, where she was born. For her, the most satisfying fusion is to sip Spanish red wine or a cup of good coffee in one of the bars of Kraków, which personally she finds the best in all the world.

Anna first became fascinated by the idea of travelling when she was 14 and saw her first Globe Trekker (formerly known as Lonely Planet) episode on the Discovery Channel. She has dreamt about combining her passion for travelling with an inspiring job ever since. At the time, her childhood hero was an Englishman, Ian Wright, one of the host-travellers of the programme, together with another British wayfarer, the witty and sarcastic Michael Palin. So far she’s been a hostel receptionist, an Irish pub bartendress, a Spanish language teacher, a Kraków city guide, a translator, and today she’s an active couchsurfer and new born travel journalist at Urbantravelblog.com, hoping that this is just a beginning of a new adventure. After graduating from university, she has opened a new chapter in her life and, after seeing much of Europe, her new (and most distant) journey is going to be Australia for the next couple of months. No matter what the upcoming years bring, she is optimistic about the future and she hopes never to become fed up with travelling, exploring and improving herself.

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