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Anya Wassenberg profile picAnya Wassenberg is a long time freelance writer, blogger and traveler. As an arts lover who also doubles as a jazz/pop singer with a small band in her hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, just west of Toronto, she is drawn to urban explorations and the intersections of art, culture and travel.

Her travel writing includes two travel guides to the city of Toronto – Fun Seeker’s Toronto (Greenline Publishing, 2005) & Toronto Night + Day (ASDavis Media, 2008) along with articles in a range of print and online media, including The Huffington Post, Solo Travel Network, okayafrica.com and Power Magazine, among others. She is a current contributor to The Huffington Post, okayafrica.com, myentertainmentworld.ca and Locke + Taylor Magazine and her pieces on a wide variety of other subjects as well as short fiction have appeared in publications all over North America and in the U.K. In addition to her journalistic and fiction writing, Anya has also created marketing and informative content for several travel-related and other websites. Along with writing, she is a part-time writing instructor in the Ontario college system through OntarioLearn.com and teaches a course in Travel Writing.

Her own blog, which combines her great loves of the arts and travel, can be found at www.artandculturemaven.com. And her website: Anya Wassenberg Freelance Writer.

Anya’s articles on Urban Travel Blog

A district guide to Harlem, New York

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