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Chris DelisoChris Deliso is a professional travel writer and journalist based in Skopje, Macedonia. Originally from the US, he has traveled in 35 countries in Europe, the Caucasus and Middle East for research, recreation and the odd bout of adventure.

Chris’ academic background in the history and culture of Southeast Europe has long fed his fascination for the unexplored places and untold stories that make up this vibrant region. Since 2002, he has published numerous articles in leading travel websites, magazines and airline magazines, contributed to over 20 Lonely Planet guides and authored several books of his own.

When not writing, Chris enjoys learning new tricks on the old six-string, sampling craft beers, and swimming on Greek isles like Crete, where he lived once upon a time. You can read a good selection of Chris’ work at his official website (www.chrisdeliso.com) and follow him on Twitter @RealChrisDeliso.

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