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Constance is a fugitive on the run from the Chicago fringe theater scene. Better known as actress Tiffany Joy Ross, she snuck out of a theater’s backdoor two year ago with a one-way ticket to Spain and hasn’t looked back since. Her travels have taken all over Europe living in family homes and artists flats. She spends months at one location until she feels a rhythm with the locals, then moves on to the next place. This gives her travel experience a depth that can’t be manufactured by imaginative prose. Actually, maybe it can be manufactured by imaginative prose, but she doesn’t make this stuff up people! Reality is just that weird.

A chameleon of careers, as well as countries, Constance has been a waitress, nude model, healer, teacher, nanny, office worker, writer, actress, managing director, networker, house painter and medical experiment volunteer. No she is not a spy, but the harder she denies it the more obvious it is, the lady doth protest too much methinks.

When she’s not studying the Romanian language, teaching Turkish children how to pronounce ‘th’ or wondering if all that plasma donation in college will have side effects, she writes about her adventures for various websites and magazines: take a gander at her work through her blog, or connect with her on Facebook.

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