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Josh Ferry Woodard is a freelance writer based in North London. He writes about foreign exchange for a living and is often featured in the expat edition of the Telegraph. But his true passion lies with travel and he has recently launched a travel blog. It’s called the Tiny Traveller and it’s written from the perspective of a 3D-printed mini-clone of himself.

He first realised the supreme excitement of travel when he found himself stranded in Riga due to the Icelandic ash cloud of 2010. A 24-hour bus ride to Berlin, two crazy nights in the German capital, a badly budgeted hired car to Holland, a week in Amsterdam culminating in Queen’s Day and an overpriced flight back to Bristol later and he was hooked.

He spends a lot of time exploring London’s thriving pop-up scene and has tasted most of the city’s tastiest coffees. He blogs about London for Spotted By Locals and tweets for himself here.

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