sam-sta-travelbuzzAs half of the team behind STA travelbuzz, Sam spends his days writing on the travel adventures of others, in particular those of the site’s tribe of STA Explorers. This naturally causes a certain amount of twitchy feet, detailing the joy of surfing in Oz while sat in a London office on a dark and wet winter’s day can be, well, you can imagine.

However, jaunts to the East and Middle America have seen him enjoying the rich tapestry of lifestyles offered by the USA. Other destinations that have born affection include Florence, Sofia and Prague where the most was made of all that was on offer – culture, adventure and Czech beer. Most recently Sam travelled not by air or sea, but by land, to Scotland and the previously unexplored delights of Edinburgh. There was much enjoyment of the historical, as well as overindulgence in the quaint and quirky tea shops sprinkled about the city.

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