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Vince Robbins is an American writer and filmmaker from Los Angeles, California. Having lived in a dozen different areas throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area during his lifetime, Vince has developed a unique and appreciative view of his home city, which recently prompted him to launch The LA Travel Guide.

His unbridled love for the motherland is only rivaled by his insatiable thirst for the sweet nectar of travel and his aptitude for flowery prose. In addition to L.A., Vince has lived in Florence, Italy and Sydney, Australia and has traveled throughout Europe, Australia, North America, and Southeast Asia.

He currently resides in Los Angeles, where he keeps busy screenwriting,
producing films, collaborating artistically, reading things, and drinking things. Vince has also written, recorded, produced, and appeared in several music videos on four different continents. They will not be linked to for the sake of his reputation and dignity. His latest writing project is an international collaborative children’s story.

Vince’s articles on Urban Travel Blog

Los Angeles City Guide
LA Subway Adventure

Vince On The Road

In 2013, Vince set off on an incredible adventure to India and South East Asia, reporting back with these stories “On The Road”:

Getting Ready To Go On The Road
Things to do in Mumbai, India
Exploring Goa, India
Visiting the Sacred Hampi Ruins of India
Highlights of New Delhi
A Trip to the Taj Mahal
Slow Travel in Ho Chi Minh City
Motorbike Road Trip to the Mekong Delta
Exploring Bangkok with locals
48 Hours in Kuala Lumpur
Short Break in Singapore
Partying in Boracay and other tales from the Philippines
Tea and Dumplings in Taipei

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