District Guide

Delve straight into the hippest barrios in town, with our “In The Zone” district guides. Mean streets, ethnic eats and funky beats are all but guaranteed and we’ll also get a resident’s perspective on what makes the ‘hood so happening. Plus a few tips on where to stay. You’ve got it made, kid.

cannaregio venice

The second largest of Venice’s six historic districts, Cannaregio is arguably the best place to search for the ancient soul of La Serenissima. Alice Mulhearn reveals the finest sights, cicchetti bars and things to do in the zone… Most visitors to Venice never get to see Cannaregio’s better side. For…

Testaccio rome italy

A hill of broken jugs, a misplaced pyramid and the bones of Shelley and Keats are just some of the reasons to drop by Rome's quirkiest district says Marta Nightingale-Styczen. Why not join her for an aperitivo?

north amsterdam tips

North Amsterdam used to be the neglected child of the capital, but that has changed in recent years. Once a derelict, industrial area, it has been transformed into an edgy, vibrant neighbourhood. New restaurants with sun-catching terraces have opened up...


For one reason or another the area around the train station in any given city was always one of the least desirable areas of town and rife with drugs and petty crime. Walking around today, it's hard to believe that not so long ago Ruzafa was that district...


At some point, walking down the sidewalk, sipping a latte or browsing in a store in Harlem, you will hear someone breaking into a song. Nowadays it's more likely to be hip hop or RnB than the traditional jazz that once defined this neighbourhood but it's still part of the same legacy.